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Spare car & van keys
  • Fast & reliable mobile service
  • Up to 50% cheaper than the main dealers
  • Fully insured & certified Auto Locksmiths
  • 12 Months warranty
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Having a spare car key can save you money, time and a lot less stress.

Perhaps you have lost your spare key, you bought your car without a spare or your spare is simply not working, it is easy to put replacing this to the back of your mind and adding it to ‘the to do list’.

It’s been a manic morning, you’re running late for work and could really do with a smooth journey in. Your keys aren’t in their usual place, you start frantically searching the house, your bag, every coat pocket you own… even the fridge.

You could really do with that spare now tucked away in your safe space couldn’t you?

Do you know the time and cost implications involved in unlocking a car to retrieve car keys?

On average this process takes three times longer and is more expensive than programming a spare key using your existing key.

Give yourself ‘peace of mind’ and avoid the possibility of a very stressful and costly situation and get a spare car key today.

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